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Lou Quallenberg Studios
art that functions as furniture
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The Llano County Historical Museum is 501(c)(3) Charity

The free public event will feature the finest in original western art
custom trappings & gear
created by internationally recognized western artists.

The "Western Trappings  on The Llano" exhibition and sale at the Llano County Historical Museum  will run from September 18, 2015 through November 15, 2015.

This exhibit and sale, inside the Llano County Historical Museum, is to  promote Western Culture and Heritage. It will celebrate the artists  whose work captures the grandeur and heritage of the American West.

This  unique collection of artists and their finest works, in a wide range of  mediums, all in one location, will be a treasure trove for the  distinctive western art buyer and/or collector.

Artists’ mediums may  include but are not limited to: silver, leather, paintings, bronze,  sculpture, wood, metal, natural fiber, photography, and rawhide.
Lou Quallenberg has been juried in and invited to show his mesquite furniture at
"Western Trappings on the Llano" a 79 Day Exhibition & Sale by International Artists inside the Llano County Historical Museum in Llano, Texas
for more info:
Western Trappings on The Llano

Llano County Historical Museum

The city of Llano, Texas is centrally located in the beautiful,
Texas Hill County,
alongside the Llano River.

The Llano County Historical Museum
is located at
310 Bessemer Avenue in Llano, Texas.
Additional information about
“Western Trappings on The Llano”
can be found online at:
at the Llano County Historical Museum
October 18, 2015
5 PM - 8 PM
($25 Ticket Required)
& Chuck Wagon Breakfast
By Donation
Llano County Historical Museum
September 19, 2015

of Western Art contributed by the
Participating Artists
will be held on
September 19, 2015
1:00 PM

Registration & Preview starts at 10AM
American Legion Hall
2013 Participating Artists
Kerry Adcock - Arlington, TX
Chase Almond - Fort Worth, TX
Russell Baros - Llano, TX
Biggs Bird - Fort Worth, TX
Thomas Bollinger - Hobe Sound, FL
Carole K. Boyd - Medina, TX
Stu Braks - Cave Creek, AZ
Wilson Capron - Christoval, TX
Mike Capron - Midland, TX
Mary Ann Cherry - Idaho Falls, ID
Robin Chiesa - Llano, TX
D. Childress - Smithville, TX
Jay Contway - Great Falls, MT
Doug Cook - Lenapah, OK
Ronnie Cramer - Denver, CO
Angie Crowe - Blanco, TX
Maryneil Dance - Fredericksburg, TX
Shawn Didyoung - Laurel, MT
Vince Donley - Parkman, WY
Brett Erickson - Hastings, NE
Wayne Franklin - Cotulla, TX
M. S. Franco - Dumas, TX
Jerry Galloway - Dumas, TX
Leland Hensley - Meridia, TX
M.S. Hollis - Wimberley, TX
Kay Hughes - Austin, TX
Morgan Johnson - North Bend, OR
JR Jones - Athens, TX
HR Kaiser - Norman, OK
Frank "Buddy" Knight - Marfa, TX
Joyce Ladner - Pueblo West, CO
Laddan Ledbetter - San Angelo, TX
Stephen Lee - Bingham, NM
Kathryn Leitner - Kingfisher, OK
Fabienne Leydecker - Centreville, Nova Scotia Canada
Pablo Lozano -Tandil Buenos Aires Argentina
Julia Lucich - Salt Springs Island, British C Canada
Dustin Lyon - Firth, ID
Gordon Manson - Cochrane, Alberta Canada
Ernie Marsh -Thayne, WY
Nancy Martiny - May, ID
Betty McDonald - Green Valley, AZ
Charles Miller - Burnet, TX
Carolyn Y Minshew - Bandera, TX
Karen Mitchell - Ft. Worth, TX
Carlos Montefusco -Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Patricia Moreland - Fort Davis, TX
Jack Moss - Llano, TX
John Newell - Llano, TX
JD Newitt - Las Vegas, NV
Linda Nowell - New Braunfels, TX
Michael Pardue - Midland, TX
Kim Parkey - Rincon, NM
Maximo Prado - Pergamino, Argentina
Marjorie Durko Puryear - Montrose, AL
Lou Quallenberg - Llano, TX
Javier Ribeyrol - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Peter Robbins - Fort Worth, TX
Julia Rosenstein -Vancouver, WA
Raul Ruiz - San Angelo TX
Lori Shafer - El Jebel, CO
Michelle Smith - Mason, TX
Edgar Sotelo - Sulphur Springs, TX
Dean Storey - Mountain Home, TX
Mike Sydoryk - Calgary, Alberta Canada
Herman Walker - Kerrville, TX
Gary Ward - Canyon, TX
Charles Wendt - Llano, TX
K.W. Whitley - Cherokee, TX
Gary Wiggins - Brewster, KS
2015 Featured Artist Jack Moss
2014 Featured Artist Teal Blake
2013 Featured Artist Jay Contway

Don't miss the Llano River Chuckwagon Cook Off
Check out
Western Trappings on The Llano
2014 Participating Artists

Herman Walker
Julia Rosenstein
Raul Ruiz
Lou Quallenberg
Jack Moss
Glenn Moreland
Charles Miller
Carolyn Y Minshew
Nancy Martiny
Ernie Marsh
Frank “Buddy” Knight
Jerry Galloway
Wayne Franklin
Angie Crowe
Robin Chiesa
Marynell Dance
Peter Robbins
K.W. Whitley
Laddan Ledbetter
Fabienne Leydecker
Doug Cook
Stu Braks
Ronnie Cramer
Kim Parkey
Charles Wendt
Shawn Didyoung
Gary Ward
M.S. Hollis
Carole K. Boyd
Morgan Johnson
Jay Contway
Mary Ann Cherry
John Newell
Brett Erickson
Gordon Manson
HR Kaiser
Betty McDonald
Michael Pardue
JR Jones
Kathryn Leitner
Edgar Sotelo
Kathleen Wilson
Tommy Mock
Ken Raye
Clair Kehrberg
Chad Cunningham
Tom Paulson
Patrick Beckman
Davie Boultinghouse
Brian Mauney
Randy Hurst
Hal Stewart
Julie Purinton
Ira Kennedy
Randy Glover
Loyd McConnell
Rowena Trapp
Braidie Butters
Mia DeLode
Barry Bradley
Geri Dunn
Linda Rust
Lloyd Voges
Pam Bunch
Baru Spiller
Lynn LaRose
Patsy Lindamood
Teal Blake
Neil Bednarz
Brian Nixon
Jack Moss
"Answered Prayers" 
2015 Featured ArtistTeal Blake
"In the Valley of the Sun" 
2014 Featured ArtistJay Contway
"Looking Back" 
2013 Featured Artist

2015 Participating Artists
Daniel Adams
James Baker
Denise Ballou
Patrick Beckman
Nell Bednarz
Victor Blakey
Barry Bradley
Stu Braks
Janet Broussard
Braidie Butters
Benton Cassaday
Doug Cook
Wayne Decker
Mia DeLode
Brett Erickson
Patricia Felts
Wayne Franklin
Jerry Galloway
Randy Glover
David R. Godfrey
Joshua Haunschild
Debbie Hughbanks
Randy Hurst
Iwona Jankowski
Heather R. Kaiser
Merri Ellen Kase
Ira Kennedy
Judy King
Frank Knight
Lynn LaRose
Patsy Lindamood
Darlene Meader Riggs
Charles Miller
Jack Moss
Linda Nowell
Crystal Orlando
Michelle Ottmann
Kim Parkey
Benoit Poulain
Lou Quallenberg
Ken Raye
Kim Robbins
Peter Robins
Carla Sanchez
Edward Sutherland
Rowena Trapp
Jim Turgeon
Douglas Turner
Jon Vick
Lloyd T. Voges
Gary Ward
Tana Washington
Charles Wendt
Kelly Williams
Jason Yachik
Kim Zarney