Unique Mesquite Frames
Whether it is a mesquite picture frame or a special mesquite frame for a unusual piece of art we will work with you to find the perfect frame style to meet your needs.

Our Mesquite frames are carefully handcrafted  using miter joints instead of nails or screws and can be created in a custom size just for you.  We have several standard designs to choose from or we can create a special look or design style just for you.

Please call us for more information 325/247-4304
Photos Coming Soon........
Our Standard Design Styles include:
Mesquite Frame with Mesquite Corner Accent
Mesquite Frame with Maple Corner Accent
Mesquite Frame with Purple Heart Corner Accent
Mesquite Frame with Turquoise Inlay
Artist Gabrielle Matlock
Uses our Mesquite Frames to showcase  her  beautiful work.
Click on her website: Gabrielle Matlock  and go to the Originals page to see examples of our Mesquite Frame with Mesquite Corners and Mesquite Frame with Maple Corners.

call us  +1.325.247.4304     Llano.Texas.US

Lou Quallenberg Studios
art that functions as furniture
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