mesquite jewelry boxes

about our jewelry boxes:
The roll top or tambour mesquite jewelry boxes that Steve A. Walker  makes began as a mass production project for his Industrial arts students. Each table of students was assigned a specific job in the production and each student ended up with two finished jewelry boxes to take home at the Christmas break.
Mesquite Jewelry Box

with Deer Antler and Turquoise inlay pull
Mesquite Jewelry Box
with Curved Deer Antler Pull 

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Mesquite Jewelry Boxes
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Mesquite Jewelry Boxes

Available in Two Sizes
Large: W10"xL13"xH8"
Small: W"xL"xH"

Removable Interior Color Choices:
Black Red Green & Blue

Drawer Pull Choices:
Deer Antler and Turquoise Inlay
Curved Deer Antler

available in other wood upon
custom order

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