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Cody Entry TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW22"xL81"xH36"
Curved Hallway/Sofa TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW12"xL66"xH34"
Straight Hallway/Sofa TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW12"xL60"xH34"
hallway - sofa - entry tables - consoles
coffee tables
S-Curved Coffee TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW16"xL80"x H18"
Texas Naturally Over sized Coffee TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW32"xL84"xH18"
Arched Coffee TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW28"x L62"xH18"
XXLarge Mear Mesquite  Coffee TableMesquite with Three Texas Ebony Bow - Ties W60"xL78"xH18"
Notched Coffee TableMesquite with Turquoise and Gold Inlay
Eva Coffee TableMesquite with Turquoise Inlay
end  tables
Early End TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW16"xL22"xH24"
New End TableMesquite with Turquoise InlayW16"xL22"xH24"
Writing Desk SetMesquiteW24xL48xH32
Contemporary Mesquite Furniture
Lou Quallenberg Studios
You can find us in the beautiful 
Texas Hill Country. Our Workshop is located in Llano, Texas and we would love to visit with you about your Custom Mesquite Furniture needs. Please call to make an appointment: 

art that 
    functions as furniture
Standard Dimensions 
of Tables
Type of Table         Height         Length         Width/Depth   
Card                         26"-30"        30"-36"           30"-36"   
Coffee  (round)         15"-17"         36"-42"diam      36"-42" diam  Coffee  (rectangular)15"-17"         36"-60"          18"-24"   
Console                       28"            48"-54"          16"-18"   
Dining (rectangular)  28"-30"         60"-80"          36"-42"   
Dining  (round)          28"-30"         40"min diam      40"min diam   
End                           18"-24"         24"-28"          18"-20"  Hallway/Entry            34"-36"         36"-72"          16"-20"   
Night                         16"-25"         18"-28"          16"-22"   
Sofa                          26"-27"               60"          14"-17"   
Writing                      28"-30"         36"-40"           20"-24"  

  Please note that these are standard sizes. We can create any size or shape and      base our designs on each specific piece of mesquite.      

Take a look at our:
Lou Quallenberg Studios
art that functions as furniture
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Why use Mesquite for tables?Mesquite has a closed cell structure similar to mapleand this helps make it resistant to penetration by bacteria and household liquid spills.
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XXLarge Sanders Mesquite  Coffee TableMesquite with Three Signature Mesquite Bow - TiesSculpted Edges and Open Holes
Jackson Mesquite Coffee TableSculpted Mesquite with Turquoise InlayW32"xL124" x H18"

Sister Mesquite Coffee TableSculpted Mesquite W30"xL110" xH18 "