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art that functions as furniture
Seating Dimensions
For Average-Sized Adults
The following dimensions apply to chairs designed for average-sized adults sitting in an upright posture.
Seat width                        16"-20"
Seat depth                        15"-18"
Seat height from floor          16"-18"
Slope of seat front to rear   5 degrees to 8 degrees (3/4" to 1" drop)
Seat back height        12"-16" above seat
Seat back recline angle
           Formal     0 degrees-5 degrees
          Casual    10 degrees-15 degrees
Arm Rest height above seat   7"-9"
Arm Rest length (full armrest) 8" minimum
Arm Rest width                 2" average
Set back of Arm Rest from seat front 2"-3"
Please note that these are guidelines. We can custom fit your seating to whatever specifications that you require.
Lou Quallenberg Studios
art that functions as furniture
We would love to help you with your
mesquite seating needs.
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