are we green?
how eco friendly is our mesquite furniture?
Our Mesquite is Grown, Harvested & Milled in the United States (actually Texas)
Mesquite grows all over the world in arid climates, but the species and conditions in which it grows in Texas make Texas mesquite the most beautiful in the world.

       •Our wood does not have a huge carbon footprint.
         It is not wasting resources and polluting the environment by traveling around the world, it is basically                grown right in our backyard.

Is Mesquite Sustainable?
•The United States, predominantly Texas, gains over 1 million acres of Mesquite each year.
•It is an invasive Legume and Texas Ranchers diligently remove it from their property.
•When harvested the root system & trunk can still live to be harvested another day if left intact.

Our Mesquite is Reclaimed:
•We have actually saved many logs from the burn pile on some ranches.
•We use only trees that are already being removed from ranches, construction, commercial or residential          sites for whatever reason. People call us regularly to tell us about trees that are being cut down and we            have recovered some real beauties this way.
Our Mesquite furniture is built to last for generations, it is not disposable it is durable.

Mesquite is Naturally Rot Resistant
     •Mesquite contains natural properties that make it rot resistant.
     •For hundreds of years it has been used for ship building, fence posts, exterior doors, watering troughs, wagon wheels and even roads.
We are mindful of our personal and professional impact on this beautiful planet that we all live on. We honestly make a concious effort to use eco friendly practices as we produce our furniture and live our daily lives. We recycle, reuse and try to educate ourselves to be responsible consumers for ALL of our purchases personal and commercial.

Why aren't we FSC Certified? Unfortunately Mesquite is not grown in forests and the Texas mesquite industry is still somewhat in its infancy. It may never reach the volumes necessary to make it profitable to become certified.  Honestly we have a hard time finding reliable sources for our small volumes of mesquite wood.

We think using mesquite wood in the flooring industry is a bit irresponsible  because of the huge amount of waste it produces. Face it mesquite does not grow in perfect straight planks, it is cracked, curved and full of flaws and that is what we LOVE about it!!

We know where each and every tree came from
in our inventoried stacks of mesquite slabs and logs.

Do you know where your wood comes from?
You should. It matters.

For more info on Wood Certification:
Forest Stewardship Council International

Forest Stewardship Council, United States

Certified Forest Products Council

Scientific Certification Systems


Is our finish toxic?
We are always experimenting with newer and safer finishes for our wood. Our signature baby soft finish is accomplished by weeks and weeks of hand sanding and then a hand rubbed application of oil and wax.

We have to breath the stuff, and we care about what goes into our lungs. We look for paints, stains, and other finishes that are water based, with the lowest possible volatile organic compounds (VOC). We use natural mesquite wood not a composite so it is always formaldehyde-free.